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psycho to the bone


This is my personal resource journal where I post icons, brushes, scans, and anything else I may make.


001. Credit. No exceptions, you must credit me if you take any of my icons.

002. Please comment even if you aren't taking any. I love feedback and the more people comment - the more I make.

003. Please dont redistribute my icons anywhere.

004. I don't take personal requests but I do take suggestions. If you have any just feel free to post them on an icon entry.

005. Please friend me! By friending me, you will be able to see my updates on your friends list.

006. NONE of my icons posted may be altered in ANY way by adding you user name or your own text. Even some icons that may not have any text whatsoever.

A list of all my resources & icons are // HERE //

tragic_icons ms_scully_icons lunastar_icons xgraphicjunkie

Want to affiliate? Just post on an entry and ask! ♥

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important links

My Journal - lovelikeriots

Myspace - dressedtothrill

DeviantArt - hermassacre

Graphics Journal - razorblade_gfx

Feel free to add me on them! Also, you will find my credits on my DeviantArt